Dolphin Tale 2 Giveaway

Congratulations to the following winners of the Dolphin Tale 2 Giveaway!

Each winner will receive a Digital HD copy of the film Dolphin Tale 2 and an 8-pack of Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Clusters (choice of flavor)!

K Privett, J McNulty, J Turner, T Mooney, J Rivera, M Lang, B Windham, C Nevels, S Maxwell, C Takas, R Pabon, L Miller, R Miller, M Spohn, J Peters, R Gonzales, C Atkins, N Bellows, O Angelino, S McKenzie, B Bollman, W Hill, H Schaffer, S McKendree, D Kozar

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Dolphin Tale 2
The inspiring true story of Winter isn’t over. Several years after receiving a prosthetic tail, Winter loses her surrogate mother, leaving her alone, grieving and unwilling to engage with anyone, even her best human friend, Sawyer. Worse, she may have to be moved from her home at the aquarium due to regulations requiring dolphins to be paired. When Dr. Clay Haskett and his dedicated team can’t find her a companion, it looks like they may lose their beloved Winter… until an unexpected turn of events brings them Hope.


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