Chocolate Covered Fruit Crisps Halloween Critters


  • Colored Melting Chocolate
  • Desired Fruit Crisps Flavor (We used apple, strawberry & banana)
  • Eyeball Sprinkles and/or Halloween colored sprinkles


Step 1
Grab a baking sheet, plate or other flat surface and place a sheet of wax paper on top. This is where the fun will take place.
Step 2
Be creative and layout the fruit crisps into different shapes on top of the wax paper. For example, we used apple crisps for bat wings and bananas for a bat body.
Step 3
Next, place the melting chocolate into a microwave safe bowl and melt for about 15-20 seconds, then stir. Repeat until the chocolate is almost all melted and stir until any leftover chocolate chunks disappear.

**We used a 1/2 cup of melting chocolate. Add more or less depending on your preference.
Step 4
Use your hands or a fork and dip the fruit crisps into the chocolate until covered. Place back onto the wax paper. If you need to attach any pieces together just use a dab of chocolate after the other pieces are coated and dried (we did this to make sure the bat wings stayed attached to the bat body).
Step 5
The last step is to attach the sprinkle eyes. Place them on the chocolate before it dries or use more chocolate to attach them.
Step 6
Repeat these steps until you've made a bunch of cute & creepy critters!
Step 7
Let your creations air dry for 20-30 minutes or place in the fridge/freezer for 20 minutes. Gently peel them off the wax paper. Enjoy!
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