Healthy, convenient summer snacks for the entire family

Summer is in full swing! For many people this is the busiest time of the year; vacations, road trips, pool parties, and many other outdoor activities.  No matter where you are headed for your fun in the sun activities, having plenty of on the go snacks is a must!

It is important to pack snacks that are not only convenient, but also healthy for your summer adventures. We all want a snack that will provide us with energy and hold us over between meals.  A snack that is light, portable, and sustains the summer heat (even if they are left in the car).  One that is easy to carry, be able to throw it in your back pack, purse, beach bag etc. So you can get out there and enjoy the summer weather.

Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps have everything you look for in a convenient on the go snack:

Convenient, portable packaging– each package contains approximately a ½ cup of fruit. Everyone is able to have their own individual bag, therefore nobody is arguing over who gets the last bag of Fruit Crisps.  Easy for cleanup; when you have finished the bag just throw it in the trash. There is no mess left!

Healthy-Fruit Crisps have absolutely no additives or preservatives, no sugars added; and they are allergy free so kids with different allergies are able to enjoy them. Brothers-All-Natural fruit crisps are also vegan and Kosher.  Fruit Crisps are the snack that can serve everyone in the family.

Taste– Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps are available in a variety of flavors; including Pear, Apple Cinnamon, Strawberry, Banana, and Peach.

Fun– Brothers-All-Natural has Disney packaging for the little ones, featuring the Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gang.

Convenient, healthy snacking is not just for the summer adventures that you create. Healthy snacking is important everyday; even those days spent lounging around the house. Children especially during the summer months are very active and burn lots of energy throughout the day.  Brothers-All-Natural Disney Fruit Crisps are a fun way to get kids to eat more fruit.

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