Fruit is nature’s candy. Fresh, frozen, canned, freeze-dried… fruits are available to enjoy in many forms. But what makes freeze-dried fruits special? And what are the benefits of freeze-dried fruits? Here’s everything you need to know about freeze-drying and why it’s the better snack choice! 


Freeze-dried fruit is made from one thing. Fruit! Unlike other drying processes, freeze-drying retains the natural flavor of the fruit without adding any extra sugar or preservatives. The process of freeze-drying also maintains the fruits natural color, shape and full nutritional value. In a half cup bag, there can be as low as 40 calories!  


Whether you enjoy as straight out of the bag or combine with your favorite food, there are a variety of ways to consume freeze-dried fruit. Put it on top of your oatmeal or cereal, mix it into your signature dessert recipe, make a smoothie… the possibilities are endless! Check out our recipes to see how you can incorporate freeze-dried fruit crisps to any meal! 

Shelf Life 

The process of freeze-drying removes water from foods while maintaining the basic cell structure and most nutrients. Because of this, freeze-drying allows foods to be stored at room temperature for one year or longer. This means our fruit crisps will be ready for you any time you’re looking for something nutritious. Get those pantries stocked!  

Travel Friendly 

Not only is the space freeze-dried fruit takes up on your shelf minimal, they’re also lightweight and snack sized, making for a perfect travel treat! Bring with you anywhere and snack anytime. 

benefits of freeze-dried fruits

All in all, Freeze-Dried Fruits are an easier and better snack option. The process of freeze-drying produces clean, whole and nutritious ingredients, making our Fruit Crisps convenient and versatile for anytime snacking. Enjoy! 

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