Dining With Freeze Dried Fruit

We’ve put together a list of tips to inspire your next get together whether it be a girl’s night, grill out, or family get together. Freeze dried fruit makes prepping easier with no mess and no worry of food spoiling. You’ll save time and money while impressing you guests!

  • Skip croutons and go for strawberry fruit crisps on top of your leafy greens. They won’t go bad at you salad bar like fresh fruit does. Serve with poppy seed dressing to create the ultimate summer salad.Peaches and summer just go together - but fresh peaches don't last all that long! Consider this great peach sorbet made from freeze dried peaches. Freeze dried fruit stores well and tastes outstanding!
  • Serve a refreshing fruit based sorbet for dessert. We have a peach sorbet recipe ready to go for your next get-together (It’s gluten free and vegan!).
  • Avoid browning apples or pears on your cheese platter by replacing them with the fruit crisp version. This means less wasted food AND less work for you!
  • Rim you drinks with fruit powder. Crush up the fruit in a sealed bag then mix with your sugar. Wet your glass and dip in the mixture.

These ideas will be perfect the next time you’re unsure how to use freeze dried fruit or need new ways to impress guests! Let us know your ideas in the comments!

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