Fun and Healthy Kid’s Lunchbox

Packing your child a healthy, yet fun lunch can be much easier than you think!

Brothers-All-Natural Disney Fruit Crisps are a fun snack that kids enjoy. From Mickey’s Clubhouse to Disney Princess, there is a Disney character for everyone to enjoy. Besides, what child wouldn’t love opening their lunch box and finding their favorite Disney character inside? The Fruit Crisps taste good and they are perfect for a Healthy Kid’s Lunchbox! We want our kids to eat more fruit; this is a great way to incorporate two full servings of fruit into your child’s lunch. Plus, the Fruit Crisps will not turn brown like apples do when they are sliced. The individual packaging makes it easy when putting a lunch together as they are ready to be placed in a lunch box, and you don’t have to worry about the Tupperware container make it back.

We all want to be creative when making our kids lunches and have fun things for them to eat.  We’ve all seen those amazing images on the internet of kid’s lunches that have sandwiches shaped like animals, carved fruit that looks too good to eat, fun bento box styled lunches, etc.  While these are truly unique and incredible, not all of us can accomplish that task with our hectic morning routine.  Disney Fruit Crisps are an easy way to create a fun, healthy lunch within minutes for those of us that are not master food carvers, or trying to survive the morning rush.

So when it comes to back to school preparation, cross healthy snacks and lunchbox fruit off the list because Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps are the perfect solution; kids love the taste and moms love the nutrition.


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