Packing fun, delicious lunch box snacks can be much easier than you think!

It is hard to imagine that the school year is beginning. With that comes the joys and stresses of planning good healthy lunches and lunch box snacks. While it may be fun for the first few weeks, the problem is, after a while we all fall victim to the same old lunch box routine. Trying to find foods that are healthy and enjoyable, while providing a variety of choices for your children is a job in itself. Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps are a delicious, healthy lunch box snack solution!

We all want to be relative when making our kids lunches and have fun, delicious foods for them to eat while providing a variety choices. We cannot all be the Master Carver of the lunch box, cutting out shapes and carving vegetables and snacks to replicate cute animals, (although I betcha we all wish we could!) Who’s got the time, between teeth brushing, hair combing, getting little ones dressed, finding shoes and getting ourselves together? Preparing lunches and snacks become a part of a hectic morning routine, an important one!

So when it comes to school lunch and snack preparation, cross healthy snacks and lunch box fruit off the list because Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps are the perfect solution; kids love the taste and parents love the nutrition! A healthy, delicious fruit snack that can be packed within seconds, no peeling or slicing, no worries about fruit getting mushy or turning brown and no master food carving involved!

Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps contain the same nutrition and health benefits as fresh fruit! There are no additives, or preservatives. An All Natural, healthy choice for fruit snacks. Packaged in single-serve sized bags containing two servings of fruit. (Regular and Disney packaging available!) AND a variety of flavors to choose from.

Enjoy Fruit Crisps anytime, anywhere. 100% All Natural, real, great tasting fruit.

We make healthy snacking easy!

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Superfruits you should be eating all year!

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