13 Things You’d Never Expect From Ice Cream

Ice Cream is the ultimate American summertime treat. Continuing our celebration of National Ice Cream Month, we’ve dug up these little known facts about ice cream. Stay tuned until the very end for a video on one way new ice cream flavors are invented.

  1. No one really knows where ice cream comes from or where it was invented. See our (Mostly) Comprehensive History of Ice Cream for the facts about Ice Cream’s origins.
  2. American’s eat the most ice cream of anyone in the world…an average of 20 quarts each year.
  3. Vanilla Ice Cream is the Most Popular flavor in the worldVanilla is the most popular flavor – it makes for 20 – 29% of all ice cream sales. Chocolate is a distant second place.
  4. The largest ice cream cone ever made was made in Italy. It stood 9 feet tall.
  5. Ben and Jerry’s alone has 46 flavors, but they do introduce new flavors and retire old ones on a regular basis.
  6. June is the most popular month for ice cream.
  7. In 2011 alone, Americans at 1.53 billion gallons of ice cream and frozen treats.
  8. When immigrants arrived at Ellis Island, they got ice cream to welcome them to the new country. In the 1920s, officials at Ellis Island became convinced that serving new immigrants ice cream “was an efficient method for making our future citizens more at home in their new environment.” Ice cream was, these immigration officials believed, the ultimate American experience and many pointed to ice cream’s long history in America as evidence that the dessert was as American as that other equally famous dessert: apple pie.
  9. Ice cream uses a lot of dairy. In the U.S., a full 9% of milk produced goes to ice cream makers.
  10. The average ice cream cone takes about 50 licks to finish.
  11. The biggest sundae ever weighed more than 24 tons and was made in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  12. It’s been thought that consuming ice cream or other frozen desserts can cause cold or coughs. This simply isn’t the case – most coughs and colds are caused by an airborne virus which can’t survive in the frozen temperatures of ice cream.
  13. Think froyo is better for you than ice cream? Think again. Frozen yogurt can contain big doses of fat, sugar and calories. While ice cream has about the same, you also get a bit of calcium. We’re certainly not suggesting a diet chock-full of ice cream – but an occasional treat isn’t going to wreck your diet.

From the awesome team at BuzzFeed, here’s a short experiment in what works for ice cream flavors…and what doesn’t.

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