Keep your kids happy, healthy, and motivated this school year! Here are some back to school healthy tips to make the return to school a breeze.

Eat Breakfast  

It’s no secret that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It’s been proven that children who eat a nutritious breakfast will function better throughout the day. This easy tip will help them be more concentrated and have more energy at school. Check out our easy breakfast recipes that incorporate Freeze-Dried Fruit!  

Prepare Lunch 

If your kids are bringing their own lunch to school, make sure to prepare the lunch box the night before. This makes the morning run much more smoothly! Now what to pack? When it comes to school lunch and snack preparation, cross healthy snacks and lunch box fruit off the list because Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps are the perfect solution; kids love the taste and parents love the nutrition! A healthy, delicious fruit snack that can be packed within seconds, no peeling or slicing, no worries about fruit getting mushy or turning brown and no master food carving involved! 

After School Schedule 

A perfect after school schedule allows some time for snacks and relaxation before settling back down for some study time. Making sure there is enough time to have a balanced afternoon will keep your kids motivated and happy in the long run. 

Set A Bedtime Routine 

A good sleep = a happy and healthy kid! Help keep their night’s sleep better with regular bedtimes and healthy sleep associations. The better they sleep, the better the school days will go! 

Back to school can be easy if you follow these tips! Make sure to stock up on Freeze-Dried Fruit – It’s 100% all natural with no preservatives and conveniently packaged for breakfast, lunch, and snack time this school year! 

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