Donald Duck Quiz

Donald Duck Quiz

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What is the name of Donald Duck's sister?

1. Stella
2. Della
3. Bella

It's Della! She is sometimes referred to as Dumbella Duck.

Question 2 of 6.

Donald Duck has a star on Hollywood Blvd.

1. True
2. False

It's true. He got his star in 2004. 

Question 3 of 6.

When did Donald Duck make his first appearance?

1. 1925
2. 1951
3. 1934

His debut was in the 1934 cartoon, The Wise Little Hen.

Question 4 of 6.

What is Donald's middle name?

1. Fauntleroy
2. Quackerly
3. Featherton

It's Fauntleroy! 

Question 5 of 6.

What branch of the military is Donald Duck drafted into during the series, "Donald Gets Drafted"?

1. Air Force
2. Navy
3. Army

He gets drafted into the Army during WWII.

Question 6 of 6.

What is Donald Duck’s favorite Fruit Crisps flavor?

1. Fuji Apple
2. Strawberry Banana
3. Asian Pear

Donald loves all the flavors but Asian Pear is by far his favorite! 

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Donald Duck Quiz

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