People choose freeze dried fruit snacks for nutrition, variety, and convenience:

Dried fruit has certainly evolved from a survival technique into a modern convenience.  Drying fruit started as a method of preserving food, dating back to ancient times, where it was necessary for survival.  The fruit was dried during times of abundance, and consumed later when food was scarce.  Due to the many benefits of dried fruit, it has become a common food staple enjoyed by all ages.

There are various methods for drying fruit, but the basic principle is the removal of water.   It’s important to understand that dried fruits are not the same, so do your research.  Sure most or all dried fruit begins with a healthy, nutritional piece of fruit.  However, the nutritional value can change depending on the method of drying the fruit or extracting the liquids, and use of additives or enhancers.  Some dried fruits actually end up being more of a candy than a healthy snack.

Freeze dried fruits have become increasingly popular for several reasons:  The nutritional benefits are the same as fresh fruit, they add variety of flavor and textures for snacking, they are convenient and portable, and they have a longer shelf life than fresh fruit.  With freeze-dried fruit we can enjoy fruits without hassle; regardless of our busy schedules, or whether the fruit is in season.  Traditional dried fruits consist of mostly apricots and raisins; however these days there is a dried version of most fruits available.

Here at Brothers-All-Natural, our light, crispy Freeze-dried Fruit Crisps are a pleasant change from all the greasy corn and potato snacks, as well as the traditional “chewy” dried fruit. When we gently remove the water from the fruit during the freeze-drying process, the cellular structure remains unaltered and thus this process locks in all the nutrition of the fruit’s fresh counterpart. Our Fruit Crisps are 100% fruit, nothing else!  We simply start with the best fruit from around the world, and gently remove the water until the fruit is transformed into a thin, light, “crisp”.  That’s it!

Our Fruit Crisps are conveniently packaged for hassle-free, on-the-go snacking.  Each half cup bag contains two full servings of fruit and less than 60 calories.  Available in many varieties, our Fruit Crisps are the perfect, healthy snack for all ages.  We even have seven varieties available in fun, Disney packaging for the little ones!   A crispy, crunchy, fun, fruit snack that is healthy, delicious, and convenient… What more could you ask for?

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