Healthy snacks for weight loss

Healthy snacking has been proven to help us achieve our weight loss goals!

Okay, so you’ve decided to get your health on track and lose those extra pounds. Before you begin, make sure you properly define and embrace this journey in a positive way. Do not associate weight loss and healthy food choices with hunger and deprivation. In fact, with the right foods and proper snacking, you don’t have to be hungry. Research suggests that on average, people that snack throughout the day tend to weigh less. That’s right! There’s plenty of healthy snacks for weight loss!

Does this sound too good to be true? Luckily, it’s not. Snacking has actually been proven to prevent overeating during meals by controlling your appetite. In addition, snacking regularly increases your metabolism throughout the day, resulting in more calories burned during normal daily activity. Healthy snacking will also help you maintain steady blood sugar, keeping your energy level maintained and avoiding the infamous “afternoon slump”.

The key to successful snacking is choosing the right snacks. They need to be nutritious and low-calorie. Portion size is also extremely important; keep your snacks around 200 calories or less, and avoid high fat, sugary snacks.

Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps are the perfect, healthy snack for weight loss. Fruit Crisps are made from 100% fruit, nothing else, and have the same nutrition as fresh fruit. With deliciously light, crisp, varieties to choose from, you won’t get bored with these snacks! Designed for healthy, on-the-go snacking, each bag contains two full servings of fruit and 60 calories or less. Fruit Crisps can be eaten alone, added to yogurt for texture and flavor, mixed with cereals or trail mix, blended in smoothies, or anything else you choose.

Gluten Free Freeze Dried Fruit Crisps


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