In these uncertain times, we want to assure you that Brothers All Natural is fully committed to the safety of our product, our employees, and the satisfaction of our customers. We’re working closely with the FDA to adhere to all guidelines to enure safety, while also remaining a reliable source of your favorite fruit crisps both on shelves and online!

The FDA recently recorded an informative and interactive discussion about the effects of COVID-19 on the food industry, as food is a critical part of the nation’s infrastructure. 

There were several major takeaways laced with reassurance as to the safety and effectiveness of our supply chains. Customers can have peace of mind while enjoying our products, as there is zero evidence of food or packaging associated with transmission of COVID-19, and the FDA does not anticipate food products needing to be withdrawn from the market. 

The FDA advises that families should continue to shop smart, shopping for their needs while not hoarding, causing other families to go without. They would also like to echo the sentiment that retail supply chains remain resilient and strong. Food inspections will continue to be performed when needed in a way that does not put anyone at risk or in harm’s way, as the FDA is extremely focused on providing the highest level possible of public health protection. Of course, one of the best-proven ways to protect yourself and those around you is responsible hand-washing and sanitizing as much as possible! 

We sincerely hope that these facts from the FDA help to minimize panic and maximize reassurance in regards to the safety of Brothers All Natural products. We have completely aligned with the FDAs regulations, and sincerely care about our employees, suppliers and customers. We hope you continue to enjoy our Fruit Crips while at home with your loved ones. If you’re in search of creative ideas while at home with the kids, in need of recipes, or want to listen to the FDA recording, feel free to check them out ! Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns, stay safe, and continue to snack healthy with Brothers All Natural!

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