There’s certainly no right or wrong way to feel or act in these uncertain times. While we’re mostly staying home, we thought it would be fun to create a quarantine bucket list. Whether you check off one or check off all 15, you’ll be developing new skills, accomplishing tasks, or simply passing the time in a meaningful way! Enjoy!

-Complete a puzzle 

-Read a book cover to cover 

-Research and discover a new band or artist

-Learn a new language, even just a few phrases 

-Bake a new treat 

-Deep-clean a room 

-Research future career paths with your kiddos 

-Start journaling, even a sentence per day

-Grab some blankets and head outside to stargaze

-Check on your elderly loved ones

-Play a favorite game or complete a new craft

-Check in on your family member’s thoughts and feelings

-Build a fort

-Have a classic movie night

-Plan a future adventure, it’ll give you something to daydream about

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