Get ready for a fruit and cheese snack attack

We’ve been listening to our consumers (you!) and recognized your need for a satisfying, nutrient-filled snack that contains little to no added ingredients. We know you want a quick bite that fills you up while being healthy and delicious. Your call has been answered! Check out our NEW Fruit and Cheese snack packs!

Our fruit and cheese snacks are a delicious combo of sweet superfruits and savory cheddar cheese with a crispy crunch containing under 200 calories, 8-10 grams of protein and packed with essential nutrients. Don’t worry there is a flavor for everyone to enjoy, Try Fuji Apples and Cheddar, Grapes and Cheddar or Cranberries and Cheddar!

The best part is you won’t feel tied down by these cheesy snacks as there is no need for refrigeration, they are freeze dried to preserve the fresh flavors and nutrients. Toss them in your bag and enjoy them anywhere and anytime.

Our freeze dried Fruit and Cheese products are processed in a separate facility from our Fruit Crisps. As we create new products your allergy needs and safety are at the top of our list.

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