Tipping the Scales after Thanksgiving?

It’s time to burn those extra calories and get your diet back on track

The Thanksgiving Day feast…  Oh yes, the one meal everyone looks forward to all year long.  For many of us, this meal includes our favorite dishes that are only served once a year for this special dinner.  It is very common to over-indulge on Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is the one meal we forget about our waistline and enjoy sitting around the table with our family.

Even the health conscious that claim to be on a diet or watching what they eat find that their meal planning goes out the window on Thanksgiving Day.  Many people tend to make Thanksgiving the day they can “cheat” on their and plan to get back in their healthy eating regimen right after the Holiday.

By the time Thanksgiving is over we all end up feeling like the turkey… stuffed! The average person consumes a whopping 4,500 calories from their Thanksgiving dinner.  Like many of us, you may not have realized how quickly that one meal can pack on the extra calories.  To burn off the meal you just ate is a whole different understanding.

Finding healthy ways to burn off those excess calories can be challenging. Getting up and moving is half the battle, and finding something we can do with family is even better.  Try playing a family game of football; it gets the heart rate up and you will enjoy the fresh air.  Or a brisk walk for the less athletic can be effective as well.  Every bit counts when we are trying to burn calories.

Here are just a few examples of how long it will take to burn off a Thanksgiving Day feast (Compliments of Self Magazine and The Huffington Post):

  •  17 hours of yoga
  • 9 hours of downhill skiing
  • 6.5 hours on the elliptical

WOW!  That certainly shows us how the Thanksgiving meal affects our diet!  We all want to be able to enjoy our holiday meal and not worry about our waistline, but now that it’s over its time to eat healthy again.  How do you burn those extra calories and get your diet back on track after Thanksgiving?

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