Tips to Fight Isolation Anxiety

Social distancing, quarantine and isolation are words that likely weren’t used much in your vocabulary until recently. Although the unknown can be daunting at times, it doesn’t have to be scary. Brothers All Natural has put together some helpful tips for isolation to help you feel and stay somewhat productive and connected. 

-Open your windows, even a crack, fresh air always helps

-Make your bed! Simple, yet effective

-Set boundaries as to when to talk about the virus and when to continue with normal, uplifting conversations

-Keep up with your self-care routines, as well as dishes and laundry, as much as possible!

-Stay social! Facetime friends, wave at neighbors from a distance, write and mail letters, be creative 

-Attempt to keep a loose schedule/to-do list, but don’t feel bad if you go off track

-Take the initial steps to develop a new hobby or skill

-Get your energy out in any way possible, whether that’s an at-home exercise, a run outside, or a dance party

-Write down your thoughts or keep a journal

-Don’t be hard on yourself! This is new for all of us, and remember that things will get better

Thank you for your loyalty and continuing to enjoy our delicious fruit crisps! Although we may feel isolated at times, we hope that these tips allow you to feel a better sense of strength and connection. We’re all in this together!

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