Veganism has become a common trend among society with a strong backing among its supporters. Although it may not be for everyone, it’s a lifestyle that can be celebrated and supported during times such as Vegan Day! Below are a few tips on starting out vegan.

  1. Your favorite snacks may already be vegan. Although more and more products use the vegan label not all companies do. They may be vegan friendly so make sure to do research and double check your favorite products.
  2. Avoid eating too many processed foods in replace of meat sources. Don’t make the mistake of losing nutrients by switching out meat for say carbs. Make sure to eat healthy alternatives such as beans, not just junk.
  3. You have a whole new world of food. You’d be be surprised at the unique recipes out there for vegans and the offerings your favorite restaurants/stores are starting to carry. Make a list of new foods you notice & places to go.
  4. Don’t go all out. For some people switching to veganism means all or nothing but it doesn’t have to be that way & probably shouldn’t. Take your time adjusting to the new experience.
  5. Veganism goes beyond food. Going along with tip 4 & taking your time, veganism doesn’t have to begin with food. You can make a change with your makeup, body care or whatever you want and then work you way towards food.
  6. Stay positive. Veganism takes work and it may be more of an adjustment for some people compared to others and that’s okay! Just remember why you were drawn to the lifestyle to begin with.

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