Fruit Crisps Ice Cream

Creative Ice Cream Flavors: Fruit Edition

We couldn’t resist participating in Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day so we put together a list of interesting flavor combinations to tingle your taste buds. Each combination is inspired by a different flavored fruit crisp since that’s what we’re all about! Check out our Fruit Crisps ice cream delights!

Breakfast Banana-za Ice cream

Banana ice cream with chocolate covered bacon and walnuts

Berry Zesty Ice Cream

Strawberry ice cream with candied tomato chunks

Speckled Pear Ice Cream

Creamy pear ice cream with crushed peppercorns

Just Peachy Ice Cream

Basil ice cream with chunks of peach and a honey swirl

Apple Delight

Peanut butter ice cream with sweetened apple bits and a hint of cinnamon

creative ice cream flavor day

If these flavors are too adventurous for you, try crumbling fruit crisps on top of your ice cream! We recommend vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce and Fuji Apple Crisps. Yum!

Check out these ice cream recipes using Fruit Crisps:

-Gluten Free, Dairy Free Strawberry Ice Cream

-Chocolate Banana Dairy Free Ice Cream 

-Strawberry Coconut Ice Cream

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